Novak Finer Homes Office

NOVAK-Finer Homes Realty, a trusted authority on Real Estate values, was established in 1978 by Frank Novak. NFHR is a truly independently owned and operated company, not a national franchise. This fact allows for the adaptation to changing economic trends affecting the market to better serve our Buying and Selling public without having to wait for some corporate edict that can be out-dated by the time it reaches you.

Frank Novak has always felt that there are two ways that you can gain credibility; you can either BUY IT by purchasing a national name franchise OR you can EARN IT by maintaining consistent quality through the years.

This is a philosophy that has served the company well, having out-lasted over 20 national and regional firms that have come and gone while NOVAK-Finer Homes Realty is still here.

Our longevity has been noticed not only by the Buying and Selling public, but ironically, by the competition as well. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we would be truly honored. We've recognized our presentations, office policies, and even our pictures, along with a host of other items, being used by other real estate companies. That's why we say we are often imitated, but never equaled. The previous all comes from the idea of staying ahead by keeping YOU first.

Financing a new home is made easier at NOVAK-Finer Homes Realty, because we are able to direct our clients to banking/mortgage institutions that can meet their every need. This gives the customer every advantage to get the best loan possible. Loan brokers can complete a loan application over the phone, from your home, or from your business or office. Expert loan brokers are easily accessible for each and every client. They are just a telephone call away.

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