Frank Novak

"When it comes to Real Estate...
NOVAK Knows!"

"From Condos to Capes...
From Regal Mansions to Rehabs...
From House Lots to Large Tracts of Land...
We've sold them all."

Make NOVAK Finer Homes Realty
"Your 1 st Choice For Finer Service"
Frank John Novak, CEO

Are you ready? It is time to adjust to an adjusted market. Look, tough times don't last, but tough brokers do. I'm proud to say that with four decades in the real estate business and experience with previous economic downturns I can give you the advantage in today's market when buying or selling in Greater Haverhill, the North Shore or Southern New Hampshire.

The fact is that the real estate market is in turmoil. Foreclosures, sellers owing more than their property is worth, and wildly fluctuating prices are all in your direct path. You have to be sure to be on the right side of these issues and get ahead of them or risk paying the penalty later.

Having been a licensed real estate Broker for over 40 years, as well as an Appraiser (most agents are not), I've counseled banks, lawyers, the courts, and even other Realtors on values. Additionally, as a former city property Assessor I've helped set the value on over 22,000 pieces of property. I know value. Rest assured I can help you in the purchase or sale of real estate, likely the most expensive move in your lifetime.

It would be an honor and a privilege to be of service to you.

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